Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fleeting Smiles

These precious glimpses of the funny little person he is becoming are more frequent now. He's responding to our smiles from time to time and is definitely ticklish!

Friday, August 7, 2009

He's here!

The little one has finally arrived! Today is his three-week birthday.

We're all happy and healthy and finding our groove together. We've spent the last few weeks enveloped in a protective cocoon of love and support (not to mention being spoiled by food deliveries, dishwashers, and laundry-doers.) As we get to know each other and learn to be a family, we didn't have to worry about a thing. Our dinners showed up every evening just when it was time to eat; there are stacks and stacks of clean baby clothes and blankets and burp cloths thanks to hand-me-downs from friends and family and Trudie's magical way with stain remover; there are so many sweet voices and hearts wishing us well; and there are wise, wise midwives, grandparents, aunties and uncles by our side helping us find our way into parenthood.

And our little man is also a wise teacher. I wasn't expecting that. He is patient, loving, persistent, and gives the most incredible positive feedback, even when we're doing something only half-right. He is humbling, and to our dazzled eyes, exquisitely handsome.