Friday, December 26, 2008

Cribs La Ventana

"Yo wassup. Welcome to Casa de Hooijer."

"This is where my maid works. That's an original kiteboard-inspired dishwashing station, one-of-a-kind. And you can see the walk-in shower with custom palm thatching to the right."

"And this is the view from the bedroom -- where the magic happened."

"In here I got the living area with custom flooring and authentic ming dynasty hanging lamps, sweet."

"This is the view from our chill out room."

"And out front I got an infinity ocean"

"Here in my garage I've got a sweet Honda 650R with black 21s."

"Thanks for touring Casa de Hooijer. Now get outta here."


Anonymous said...

Casa de Hooijer??!?

Howzabout Casa de Finnijer Hoonigan? Now THAT's a name.

The majic happened in the bedroom, eh? Mmmmm.....


Marilyn from Miami said...

So cool!!!